The first thing was to understand the company’s goals, app usage statistics and interviewing consumers. Results showed that only 15% of the customers where using the app and their points. That was because the rewarding System was too complicated and people just didn't understand it. Another thing that helped is to see how reward systems are being used around the world, who’s doing a good job and why.

Rewards? no, entire experience

The main concept was offering the users a bundle that was curated by individual related rewards, giving the client an entire experience maximizing points and bonuses.

Entire Experience

Ux proccess

After a fun values workshop, choosing 3 main values as guidelines and after hearing the voice of the customer 3 personas with 3 different card types and consuming behavior were created. Each persona got a specific description of a week's journey in order to imitate it’s card usage, discover pain points and opportunities. Using focal groups with real Amex clients helped to examine the user's reaction and feedback on concepts and wireframes and was highly effective in decision making.

Concepts that were tested
with a focal group of clients
A day in a life of our personas
3 personas with 3 different cards, life style and consuming habits


Insights from the journeys and the genuine voice of the customers established the features matrix which was the anchor stone in forming the app’s MVP.


In order to create a more appealing & unique look & feel 120 illustrations were created for the different categories of the rewards so the Amex content curators would have a variety to choose from. Each category had a different color palette so the user will easily differentiate between the different rewards types.

Illustrations by the one and only

Home screen

Quick overview

Culinary rewards (category)

Reward downloaded

Reward screen

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