Working closely with Isracard digital department allowed a holistic understanding of the current process and how it can be improved and if possible shortened. In parallel Isracart has agents in supermarkets issuing cards on tablets. Observing and interviewing them was essential to understand their process and discover opportunities to improve it.

Clarity and more clarity

Since its a long, multi steps process involving several intersections that might change the users path, the main focus was on clarity, which was implemented in the multi steps layout, in content structure and micro copy.

Multy step layout

UI elements

Due to company’s needs and regulations, a total of approx. 60 questions where had to be filled. not mentioning huge, must have regulations paragraphs.
Using various, less conventional UI elements, created a more fluid form and allowed filling the information in an easier and faster manner.

A different version of a radio button
Slider instead of long list dropdown
Next to a title that caused confusion, an explanation was located to prevent bailing the process.

Fun icons and tone of voice

In order to make the process lighter and more approachable, fun animated Icons were embedded to each step, even bad messages that would force the user to stop the process where carefully articulated. Along with a UX writer the interface was fully user friendly, clear and engaging.

Desktop experience

Eventually the outcome contains a 5 steps process (in some cases 4) with 2 - 3 sub steps in each step.
Keeping a very visual, clear status on the right and a clean form on the left, using fun graphic design and tone of voice, created an experience that you won’t be rushing to complete.

Agent’s Tablet experience

A logic content architecture allowed agents to ask clients for documents and information only once and were able to go through a transparent process and summary with the clients that were in front of them.

Mobile experience

The layout allowed a very easy adaptation for mobile devices. The interface was slightly changed in order to use the device applications, making the process even faster.

Where to next?