Understanding the brand and it’s vision through the group’s stakeholders was the most effective way to dive into the project and get to know some really passionate and eye-leveled people.

Stakeholders interviews

Welcoming investors
and tanents

The home page, along with a powerful video and copy gave a glint of what we’ve decided that’s important for first view - the company's heritage, it’s properties and stock value.

Finding a Property

Using iconography inspired by the brand’s logo, helped to have a clear differentiation between the company’s activities. The website design was intended to be very simple giving the stage to the properties photos. Laying down properties icons on a map gave users a better experience of finding the right property and contacting it’s representatives.

Properties differentiation made with iconography
inspired by the company’s logo

Made for investors

Different investors find different information as relevant. Creating an overview page with content highlights, and up to date information should make it easier for them. An easy to scan layout was created in order to situate all quarterly documentation along the years and submit to future conference calls.

Where to next?